About Roxanne's

“Producing fanciful, flavorful creations at the intersection of aesthetics and a diet without self denial."
Bon Appetit

Roxanne’s Fine Cuisine is the culmination of years of alchemical experimentation in the kitchen and at home. Roxanne first began her quest for complex, sumptuous raw and living foods over a decade ago after being turned onto a raw foods diet by a friend.

She loved the way eating raw foods made her look and feel – vibrant, young, full of vitality. But she also craved the sensual dining experience of the kind of fine restaurants she in which she’d honed her culinary chops.

Striving to marry both the simplicity, vibrant taste and healthful nutrition of raw foods with the lush complexity of five-star dining, she worked for years perfecting techniques that accentuated textures and flavors, showcasing the beauty of simple ingredients while creating adventurous eating experiences.

All of this work lead to the opening of her restaurant, Roxanne’s, in Larkspur, California. The restaurant met with critical acclaim and earned Roxanne world-class chef status. Not long after that, she and chef Charlie Trotter collaborated on their book, Raw.

And now, Roxanne, whose creativity and passion for truly unique foods that will make you feel great, spearheads this latest effort to bring raw and living foods to as wide an audience as possible.

Roxanne invites you to explore this truly unique line of fresh, organic livng and raw foods.