Living Foods

“In many ways [Roxanne] acts like an alchemist, mixing ingredients and layering flavors to get just the right combinations."
Michael Bauer, San Francisco Chronicle

What are Raw & Living Foods?

“There’s a whole philosophy behind this cuisine, but for [Roxanne] it’s more about sensuality and bringing out the best in food.” Michael Bauer, San Francisco Chronicle
Eating raw and living foods is recognized as one of the healthiest ways to nourish our bodies.

Living and raw foods are fresh fruits, vegetables and nuts that are not heated above 118 degrees. Roxanne’s raw nuts and seeds are sprouted, an additional step that makes them “living.” Sprouting removes the enzyme inhibitors naturally present in raw nuts, making their nutrients available to the body, and enhances their life force. They are a great source of protein and flavor, forming the basis for a number of Roxanne’s products.

Active Enzymes, Vitamins and Micronutrients
Cooking foods depletes their vitamins, micronutrients and enzymes, whereas raw foods are in their natural state keeping these nutrients intact. Because the natural enzymes of raw foods remain active, the body's ability to utilize the nutrients of the food is greatly increased.
Roxanne’s raw and living foods are high in vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, fiber and water.

Acid-Alkaline Balance
Our modern lifestyle tends to create an acidic situation within the body. When the body is acidic, the immune system doesn’t function as well. Raw foods, including raw fruits and vegetables, help keep the body alkaline.
Roxanne’s foods are perfect for promoting a proper acid-alkaline balance necessary for good health.

Good Fats & Good Carbs
Roxanne’s products contain naturally occurring “good fats”: monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats found in foods like avocado; flax and nuts rich in Omega-3 essential fatty acids, or young coconut, a great source of healthy fats.
They contain no “bad carbs” such as processed sugars or refined grains.

Glow & Vitality
After consistently incorporating raw and living foods into their diets, many people report a feeling of enhanced energy and vitality, as well as other benefits such as a strengthened immune system, a youthful feeling and appearance, and optimal health. This is at least in part due to the high quality and quantity of the nutrients available in raw foods.
Incorporating raw and living foods as a regular part of your healthy diet is a great way to begin to “get the glow and the pleasure” of a living foods diet.